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April 2009

This month we are extremely excited to bring you our interview with filmmaker Todd Tinkham [Tinkham Town Productions]. We like to dub this show “Todd TV”, because he’s our only guest this month and we screen his films, Alexa, Sadie Turns Seven, as well as a first look at his latest film, American Saints.

SC Todd and Hilary

I do want to mention one thing before we get under way. About 2 minutes into the show you’ll see a promo/teaser for The Two-week Turnaround Tour aka T3. (see it below)

We had a chance to catch up with Josh Mills and Jamie Blankenship to talk about T3 and came to the conclusion that we want on this RV…so, each month, we’ll check in with the gang and see what they have brewing on the T3 front…check them out online at www.filmblazer.com , well really, everyday, because they will be blogging, podcasting, videobloggin’, etc…and you don’t want to be the uncool kid who’s left out…

Todd Tinkham Interview

In the About section of Todd’s website we read,

Todd Tinkham founded TinkhamTown Productions in 2005 after losing both of his parents to cancer in 2004. Realizing that his parents had never really pursued their dreams, Todd decided that he could not wait any longer. “After my folks died, I realized that I wasn’t going to live forever, and that if I wanted to go after my dreams, I’d better start now.”

And go after his dreams he did…and with huge success! So far, Todd’s films have screened at more than 300 film festivals and have won numerous awards and accolades, culminating with his film Alexa, winning the 2008 Anarchy Online Film Competition, Slamdance.com. It was a real honor to sit down with Todd and hope you enjoy our interview with Todd Tinkham

SC Todd

In our first segment Todd talks with us about his beginnings, his stumble out of the gate, and the rise of his production company Tinkham Town Productions. We discuss film festivals a bit and then dive straight into a setup of Sadie Turns Seven.

Sadie Turns Seven

On her 7th birthday, a young girl takes daring action.

  • Featuring: Sadie Zimet, Mary Cates, Saul Zimet, Holland West.
  • Written & Directed by Todd Tinkham
  • Produced by: Lisa Cates, Mary Cates, Todd Tinkham
  • Cinematography: Randy Benson
  • Original Music: Scott Moore

Official Selections

Now, more than 75 festivals on 5 continents have screened SADIE TURNS SEVEN, including the Rhode Island International Film Festival, the Tirana International Film Festival, the Swansea Bay Film Festival, the Gold Lion Film Festival, the Long Island International, the Staten Island International, the San Diego Children’s Film Festival, the Danville Children’s Film Festival, the Heart Of Gold Film Festival, the San Francisco International Children’s Film Festival, and the Short Film Festival of India..


WINNER – BEST SHORT FILM, 2007 Felder Family Film Festival WINNER – BEST FAMILY SHORT, 2007 Indie Gathering WINNER – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY, 2007 Kent Film Festival


We screen the film in the tv episode, so if you want to catch the film tune in M,W,F at 9pm on Carolina 24 (see listings for other locations), but enjoy the interview below…

In our second segment, Hilary and Todd delve a bit deeper into the film festival talk, film making, and discuss Tinkham’s recent Slamdance adventure with Alexa.


All is well in quiet suburbia. Until 12 year-old Alex goes for a forbidden swim unlocking a world of danger and surprise.

  • Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by Todd Tinkham
  • Assistant Director: Mikel Barton
  • Gaffer/Grip: Ismail Abdelkhalek
  • Location Sound: Kelley Katzenmeyer
  • Featuring: Alexa Phillips, Mary Cates, Lisa Cates, Anna Allen

Official Selections

  • 2009 Kent Film Festival
  • 2009 River Bend Film Festival
  • 2009 Slamdance Film Festival – Global Anarchy Competition


  • 2008 Anarchy Online Film Competition, Slamdance.com


Todd sets this film up perfectly without giving anything away, and then, with extreme pleasure, we screen the award winning Alexa in it’s entirety. Once again, you have to watch the show to get the film, but as always, enjoy the interview below…

We visit Todd and Hilary one more time to wrap things up, pass out some credit, and talk about Todd’s upcoming Workshop, “GET YOUR FILM INTO FESTIVALS”. We talked about it here, but you might just want to head over to Tinkham Town to get all the info. We wrap the third, and final, segment of the show talking to Todd’s about his current film project, American Saints, and he was gracious enough to let Second Cinema get an exclusive first look. Below is the interview and the clip of American Saints.

We would like to thank filmmaker Todd Tinkham for coming on Second Cinema and wish him continued success. We’ll guys, we hope you enjoyed this month’s episode. Once again we would like to thank you the fans, the viewers, and the filmmakers that have submitted their films and those that have appeared on the show…without your devotion to the film community here in North Carolina, none of this would be possible…so thank you…until next month…

  1. April 7, 2009 at 4:13 am

    Excellent films. Insightful interview.

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